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Putting North Dakota First

North Dakota is a wonderful place, and it’s a place that I’m proud to call home. For the past eight years I have lived in Williston, where I have worked in the oilfield.

In North Dakota, the American Dream is still alive and well. We know that here, in North Dakota, through hard work and dedication we can achieve and accomplish anything that we put our minds to.

Many people are choosing to relocate to North Dakota because of our way of life and the boundless opportunities that are afforded to us. That’s how the brand new District 23 was created!

It’s also exactly why I am running to serve you, the residents of District 23, in Bismarck. I want to defend our shared values and ensure that future generations can reach their true God-given potential, right here in our communities and our state.

Sadly, we’ve seen out-of-control crime and chaos in cities across America, woke indoctrination in public schools, and people’s dreams and livelihoods constantly crushed by destructive leftist policies. As your representative, I will not allow that to happen here in North Dakota.

I will stand up to protect your God-given Second Amendment rights. I will fight to empower parents to have a voice in their child’s education. I will make sure we continue to cut taxes and regulations so that we can unleash our economy and the entrepreneurial spirit of North Dakotans.

I will always put North Dakota first.

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